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“You win some, lose some, and wreck some.”
- Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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Great Time To Be a NASCAR Fan

This is a fantastic time to be a NASCAR fan.


Although NASCAR takes a ton of heat, a lot of it deservedly so, they have certainly stumbled on a crackpot idea with this updated Chase.

2014 NASCAR Chase Grid

“What?!” you say. “Are you NUTS?!” you inquire.

No, I am not.

This 2014 Chase format has brought a level of intensity and must-watch demand each and every week. With elimination after every third race, no one is safe and anyone can win.
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Formula 1 Championship Arrives in Texas As Hamilton and Rosberg Showdown at COTA

2014 Formula 1 Report:  USA Edition

Drafting the Circuits

Week 44

Grand Prix                                     Date                          Tire Compounds      

United States Grand Prix           October 31-Nov 2    Medium/Soft

Brazilian Grand Prix                   November 7-9          Medium/Soft

Abu Dhabi  Grand Prix              November 21-23      Soft/Supersoft


It’s here!

The US Grand Prix returns to Austin, Texas this week in a race that will have a pivotal impact on the F1 World Driver’s Championship.  Lewis Hamilton holds a 17 point lead over Nico Rosberg AND the ever important momentum that often decides a championship.

Circuit of the Americas is a full fledged Texas spectacle.  A large tower dominates the landscape and sits within a complex of turns (16-18) that never ends.  Turns 16, 17 and 18 are essentially one long right hand bend and resembles the famous turn 8 in Istanbul.  The tower guards it all.  Atop this lofty perch, one can see the whole track.  A glass floor makes this perch one that allows the viewer to watch F1 cars whip through a never ending corner with cars at full scream.















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Podcast: Drafting the Circuits: Oct. 22, 2K14



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