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“You win some, lose some, and wreck some.”
- Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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Podcast: Drafting the Circuits: Oct. 15, 2K14



Hamilton Swings Into Victory In The Russian Grand Prix

2014 Formula 1 Report:  USA Edition

Drafting the Circuits

Week 42

Grand Prix                                     Date                          Tire Compounds      

United States Grand Prix              October 31-Nov 2    Medium/Soft

Brazilian Grand Prix                     November 7-9         Hard/Medium

Abu Dhabi  Grand Prix                 November 21-23      Soft/Supersoft


The pace of starting a Formula 1 race  is a beautiful frenzy that leads to the most magnificent start in auto racing.

Today in Russia, it all came to a stop as the paddock took a moment for Jules Bianchi, the Marussia driver who is fighting for his life at Mie General Medical Centre in Yokkaichi, Japan.

The teams stood in support!










Bianchi, who suffered a diffuse axonal injury, after colliding with a recovery tractor is still on the minds of everyone who has anything to do with Formula 1.  Marussia ran only 1 car in tribute while many of the teams dedicated their efforts on twitter and social media to Bianchi.














Lewis Hamilton dedicated his win to Jules.
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Happy 40th Birthday, Dale Jr.

Dale Jr 40th Birthday

NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver hits a milestone today; he turns 40 years old.

As an outsider looking in who has observed Dale Earnhardt Jr. for many years, it is an exciting time for him.

Introduced to the public as a boy – Dale Earnhardt’s boy – Dale Jr. was living in the shadow of his famous father.

Growing into a young man with driving talent, we watched as Dale Jr. raced hard and well and carved a name for himself with two NASCAR Nationwide (Busch) Series championships and then with wins in the NASCAR Sprint (Winston) Cup Series.

His father’s strong arms were never far away. His influence was ever-present.

Dale and Dale Jr

And then the unthinkable happened and Dale Jr. was left to live life without his father.

There were ups and downs. Successes and failures. High hopes and dashed dreams. A parting of the ways between Dale Jr. and Dale Earnhardt Incorporated was the start of a new chapter in Dale Jr.’s life.

More time elapsed with still more failures on the track than successes.

Finally a turning point occurred.

Solid finishes, consistency – a driver with focus, determination, and optimism.

Personally, Dale Jr. seemed happier than ever before. His smile was genuine, his shoulders not slumped in despair.

And then the 2014 season dawned at Daytona. Dale Jr. won the Great American race for the second time in his career – a feat even his father could never claim.

Dale Jr 2014 Daytona 500 win
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