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“You win some, lose some, and wreck some.”
- Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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Greatest Races Ever: The 1992 Hooters 500

by Frank Santoroski

atlanta92Greatest Races Ever is a series of articles that looks back on some of the wildest, unpredictable, most competitive or just plain odd races over the years.  This week, with the conclusion of NASCAR’s first ever playoff-style Chase for the Championship, it seems appropriate to take a look back at another epic title fight in NASCAR history.

The Hooters 500 was held on November 15 1992 at the 1.5 mile Atlanta Motor Speedway.  The event was the finale of the 29-race Winston Cup season.  The race was also significant in the fact that it would mark the final start for legend, Richard Petty, whose year-long ‘Fan Appreciation Tour’ was drawing to a close.

The 1992 season occurred years before a ‘Chase’ was ever conceived.   There was no ‘locking’ in a spot, no elimination rounds, and no altering of the points.  This was good old fashioned points racing from round one on through to the finale.

When the haulers arrived in Atlanta for the season-ender, there were a record six drivers with a mathematical chance of walking away with the Winston Cup.   A sell-out crowd of over 160,000 was on hand to witness what was sure to be a barn-burner of a race.

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Congratulations to Kevin Harvick: 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

Kevin Harvick 2014 NSCS Champ
In the wildest, most unpredictable, nail-biting Chase since, well, possibly the Chase began; Kevin Harvick reigned victorious at the end of the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. In true championship-style, Harvick not only won his first Cup, he did it by winning the race!

For those who had followed Kevin Harvick for 14 seasons, from the moment he was prematurely thrown into the most famous cockpit in the sport, this was a momentous, emotional win that offers some closure.

As Dale Earnhardt’s “replacement” upon his death, Harvick was catapulted into NASCAR’s brightest spotlight – all eyes on him to wield the renumbered car that had been Earnhardt’s. All No. 3s gone and replaced with No. 29s, there was no mistaking that the 2001 season was really about Earnhardt.

Even the win at Atlanta, the third race of the 2001 season and Harvick’s second in the seat, seemed orchestrated by Earnhardt, his team, and less about Harvick. But the fans cheered Harvick who raised his arm outside of his window upon victory with his three fingers outstretched in homage to Earnhardt.


I’m not sure there was a dry eye at track or at home on NASCAR fans’ couches as they watched.

Over the years at Richard Childress Racing, Harvick found varying degrees of success. Several times he ran for championships, but each time was denied.

Toward the end of his tenure with RCR it was evident that time had run its course for the partnership as driver/owner. Childress seemed bent on providing the best for his grandsons who were entering the ranks as NASCAR competitors and Harvick was frustrated with no championships.

When Stewart-Haas Racing had an opening for Harvick he took it. Tony Stewart and Harvick have a friendship and respect that has stood the test of time.

Stewart has the equipment to win championships as was proven when he piloted his own team’s cars to a Cup in 2011 in a miraculous Chase season that saw Stewart win half of the ten races. At season end he and Edwards were literally tied in the season-ending points, but Stewart took the championship because he and his No. 14 SHR team had earned the most wins.

Harvick was ready to win championships, not just races. So he set out in 2014 with his new team to do just that.
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